ECLIPSE, new paintings by Marcia Soderman. Video by Alex Ward.


ECLIPSE Air Water Fire Light


  • Thursday, October 23, 4 pm to 7 pm
  • Gallery One TractorWorks
  • 800 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401
  • Free and open to the public, 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday 

New paintings by well-known Minnesota artist Marcia Soderman

PLEASE NOTE: There will be partial solar eclipse visible in Twin Cities on October 23 at 4:45pm.

Marcia Soderman, MFA, creates abstractions based on the natural world as visual metaphors for inner states of mind as well as a concern about climate change. Her subjects have included water distillations (healing, meditation) and solar and fire distillations (determination, spirit, inner fire). She’s always been fascinated with nature in all its intricacy, and often paints small watercolors outdoors as studies for larger acrylic paintings.  Never satisfied to repeat the same image twice, the large abstractions evolve from one painting to the next in her continuing quest for greater artistic understanding.  

Artist Statement: “The branching of trees, synapses firing, light beaming, the rhythm of water lapping on the shore, the constant beating of the heart.  It all speaks of life. Pattern, repetition, change. The microscopic and the macroscopic echo each other remarkably in movement and form, in the gathering of force and the dissolution of form, and in the replication of these processes over and over again.  The act of drawing, painting—mark-making—is a process imitative of life.” 

Soderman has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows for twenty years. She has taught art, art history, and women in art for over 25 years at the University of Minnesota, Hamline University and other area colleges. While a professional in museum education Soderman curated many exhibitions. Her work has been published in major arts journals including Studio Visit and International Contemporary Artists.  

She has been featured twice in Twin Cities TOSCA magazine and in August she received the Award of Excellence at the TOSCA/Maple Grove Arts Center exhibition, Beyond Minnesota Nice, juried by photographer Will Agar. 

Soderman’s artwork is in many private and public collections, including the Art Collection of Boynton Health Services at the University of Minnesota.  Her work can be seen at Boynton Health Services, in the online gallery of, and in the Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM) Mentor Protégé exhibition, Beyond the Surface which runs Oct. 3-31 at the Grain Belt Bottling House in Northeast Minneapolis. Commissions are accepted.


OPENING Artist Reception

  • Thursday, September 18, 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Gallery One Eleven
  • TractorWorks Building, 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 111, Mpls, MN 55401
  • Free and open to the public, 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday
  • This opening takes place at the same date as the closing reception for AIGA: A To Z. So enjoy both! Scroll down to the AIGA blog below.
  • Cash Bar 


Sherlyn Leonard is a multi-media performance artist. Her work is fresh, original, bold, edgy, and a bit shocking. On display will be selfies, sculptures, performance, and embellished objects. Sherlyn takes ordinary objects and enhances them with a variety of materials, paint, assemblage, and welding. Commissions are accepted.

See our blog below about AIGA: A to Z.

AIGA: A to Z


  • Thursday, September 18, 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Gallery One TractorWorks
  • 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 111, Mpls, MN 55401
  • Free and open to the public, 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday 
  • Cash Bar

Gallery One TractorWorks celebrates graphic design with a new show entitled AIGA:  A to Z featuring 26 serigraphs, one for each letter of the alphabet, created by 12 respected international graphic designers.

Gallery One at TractorWorks is commemorating graphic design and the centennial of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Since its inception in 1914, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design.

HISTORY: In 1994, John Evangelista of Ambassador Arts Inc. called Paula Scher of Pentagram in New York City about the possibility of producing an alphabet as a promotional series of posters. Paula contacted Tony McDowell at Champion International Corporation who agreed to join in the promotion by donating paper; the archival quality stock called Pageantry.

Paula and her partner at Pentagram, Woody Pirtle, picked the international graphic designers whose work they admired. To ensure some consistency in the series, they decided it would be best to establish two restrictions:  1) a set size and border, and 2) the use of only two colors, warm red and black. Over the next eighteen months, the posters were created and printed in no particular order. The result is “A to Z.”

The entire alphabet was first exhibited at the 45th International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado, in June 1995. The series has won several international design awards.




  • Thursday, September 4, 4pm to 7 pm
  • Gallery One OST 
  • TractorWorks Building, 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 514, Mpls, MN 55401
  • Free and open to the public for the September 4 reception. Other times by appointment.

Photography by Patrick Clancy and Amber Tyrrell.

As a photographer, Patrick Clancy is particularly interested in that which is disappearing. As the world becomes smaller and more digitized, he enjoys capturing some of the hidden relics and peaceful disappearing history in both urban and rural areas.

Clancy is a full time studio and landscape photographer located in St. Paul MN. He is regular participant in and volunteers for the St. Paul Art Crawl. He has also had images in two of the Capture Minnesota book series and appeared in the TPT documentary about the event.

Amber Tyrrell does not think of photography in conceptual terms, but rather as a source of pleasure. Tyrrell longs to capture the mystery in a place and wonder about what’s within —it is then her curiosities lead her to create a story. Tyrrell’s work explores the dichotomy between dreamed of and realized spaces, keeping her searching everyday for her perfect place, her perfect room. 

Tyrrell lives and works in Minnesota and Spain. Award winning Tyrrell has exhibited nationally winning curatorial accolades. Her photographs have appeared in various publications. She has a BA in Journalism and Fine Art Photography.







  • Thursday, August 21, 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Gallery 111 in Artlab
  • TractorWorks, 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 111, Mpls, MN 55401
  • Free and open to the public, 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday

In her Pin-Up series of multi-media collages, Kristi Abbott pays homage to archetypes of women throughout the last century, from silver screen starlets to the modern cover girls in magazines. Each piece aims to evoke a particular personality through the composition, colors and materials selected. Relocating to St. Paul from Australia in 2012, Abbott now lives and works in her Lowertown Artist’s Lofts Co-op.

Gallery One Exhibition History


Marcia Soderman —ECLIPSE Air Water Fire Light, paintings — Gallery One

Sherlyn Leonard — RED OBSESSION, multi-media and performance — Gallery 111*

AIGA Celebration — A to Z — Gallery One

Patrick Clancy and Amber Tyrrell — WITHIN, photography — Gallery One OST*

Kristi Abbott — PEEP SHOW, paintings — Gallery 111*

Michael McGraw– PHOTOGRAPHS: Close and Nearby – Gallery One OST*

Mike Welton – RETROAPOLIS – Gallery One

Booka B and Lindsay Splichal – Prints and Paintings – Gallery One OST*


Amy Sands – Crossing Boundaries  – Gallery One

Francene Christianson/Raelee Edgar – Reflections – Gallery One

Brian Matthew Hart — HandWork — Gallery One OST*

Chris Williams – Codes and Coordinates – Gallery One

Trevor Knott/Kathryn Van Zante – Gallery One OST*

Evan Abrahamson – 52 Pounds of Paint – Gallery One OST*

Josh Meillier – Enroute – Gallery One OST*

Drew Beson – New Paintings – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka

Francene Christianson/Raelee Edgar/Alis Olsen/Marcia Soderman – Travelogue – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka


Melissa Loop – Utopia – Gallery One

Allison Pegoraro – New Work – Gallery One

Donna Bruni – Figuratively Speaking – Gallery One

John Alspach/Ron Ridgeway/Zac Adams-Bliss – Cloud Connections – Gallery OST

Elizabeth Simonson – Calculations – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka

Ed Charbonneau – New Paintings – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka

John Alspach –New Paintings – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka

Donna Bruni – Floating to the Surface – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka

John Alspach/Ron Ridgeway/Jerry Gray – Three Artists – Gallery One P4D


Ed Charbonneau – Works in Progress – Gallery One

Elizabeth Simonson – Installations – Gallery One

Greg Dickerson – Space + Objects – Gallery One

Ute Bertog – Readings – Gallery One

Duane Ditty – Navigation – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka

Ute Bertog – Textwork – Gallery One BMW of Minnetonka


Ron Ridgeway – Summerworks – Gallery One

John Alspach/Ron Ridgeway – Sign Language – Gallery One

* = Emerging Artists Series

PHOTOGRAPHS: Close and Nearby, by Michael McGraw

OPENING Artist Reception

  • Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm
  • Gallery One at OST
  • 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 111, Mpls, MN 55401, Suite 514
  • Free and open to the public


Most of the photographs in this exhibit are of trees and weeds shot with a long lens and standing very close to the subject to limit what is in focus. Award winning photographer, Mike McGraw likes how this process allows him to find interesting compositions when things constantly change in the wind or with a tiny twist of his focus ring. Mike alternates between subjects that use patterns and texture to hide or reveal emotion and meaning, and subjects that are simple and uncluttered which act as a counterpart to his other photographs of layered disorder. His process is beautifully meditative as well. He’ll stand in the middle of flowering crabapple tree adjusting his lens slowly back and forth until what he is hoping for pops into view. Mike shoots close to his home in North Minneapolis. He’s never bought into the idea that exotic locales are more photogenic than his own neighborhood. Shooting locally is his way of revealing a bit of himself but not in any concrete way, which seems appropriate for an Abstract Photographer. Mike’s work is in private and corporate collections.


RETROAPOLIS, New oil paintings from the “Urban Extract” series by Mike Welton

OPENING Artist Reception

  • Thursday, April 3, 2014 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm
  • Gallery One at TractorWorks
  • 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 111, Mpls, MN 55401
  • Free and open to the public


Always focused on his local surroundings, Mike Welton naturally developed a series of paintings from his love of the inner city. He paints portraits of urban cities including the Twin Cities’ most loved architectural icons as well as mid-century signage. Discovery of new color and juxtaposing angles develop totally new portraits of the extracted building parts he has assembled into a single designed piece. He hopes that by observing his work a new recognition for our urban landscape will evolve and spark a respect for new and old building structures.

Gallery One at TractorWorks is open to the public Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. The exhibition runs from March 12 through May 16.

Contact Ron at 952.738.2046 or



Prints and Paintings by Booka B and Lindsay Splichal

OPENING Artists Reception

  • Thursday, March 6, 4:00 to 7:00 pm
  • Gallery One at OST
  • 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 514, Mpls, MN 55401
  • Free and open to the public

Artists Booka B and Lindsay Splichal exhibit their new directions in printmaking. This exhibition is part of the Emerging Artists Series of the Art Leadership Program.

Paintings are created using a direct approach; a brush is typically used to apply paint to a canvas. This is straightforward and understandable. Printmaking incorporates very complicated technical processes and has many variables, just like the two printmakers Booka B and Lindsay Splichal.


In Splichal’s Intaglio prints, you can see her mark of the hand resulting in the individuality of each print. She is moving to conceptualism where the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. Splichal has used the same incised copper plate for all of the prints displayed, but the images are unique and different – all one-of-a-kind monoprints.

Booka B (aka Adam Booker) uses the silkscreening stencil technique called serigraphy. He creates editions which are numbered multiples of the same image. In addition, his prints often contain multiple images. Booka B’s serigraphs are design oriented and express his international influences, and evident is the layering and overlapping of the ink, demonstrating the motion of the artist.

Both artists began as painters and are displaying selected paintings.